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Dr. Zunkeler performs independent medical evaluations (IMEs) and independent record reviews and also contributes to other aspects of the administrative management of complex cases for insurance companies, hospitals, government and legal professionals on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants. Dr. Zunkeler remains committed to an active operative neurosurgical and spine surgery practice. Since 2012, Dr. Zunkeler has been working as a staff neurosurgeon in tele-neurosurgery at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, an academic military medical center in Bethesda, Maryland. In addition to his Walter Reed clinical practice, Dr. Zunkeler maintains a neurosurgical office on the campus of Greater Baltimore Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland. With over 18 years of experience in independently evaluating neurosurgical cases from the aspect of causation and conformance with the standard of care in neurosurgery, Dr. Zunkeler is very familiar with the management of complex neurosurgical cases and their complications in out-patient and hospital settings, as well as in and out of the operating room. In addition to evaluating neurosurgical cases for both defense and plaintiff attorneys in civil and professional liability litigation, Dr. Zunkeler performs IMEs and other services for workers’ compensation purposes.

In providing professional services, Dr. Zunkeler remains strongly committed to the American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS) Rules for Neurosurgical Medical/Legal Expert Opinion Services and the AANS Code of Ethics. Over the past 17 years, Dr. Zunkeler has provided expert neurosurgical consultation and testimony services to legal professionals representing both plaintiffs and defendants.

Our Services

Dr. Zunkeler performs reviews of medical records for insurance companies and legal professionals on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants.Learn More
Dr. Zunkeler conducts IMEs for insurance companies and legal professionals on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants.Learn More
A case conference between the nurse case manager, adjuster, or legal professionals and Dr. Zunkeler can be a cost-effective alternative to a formal IME or record review.Learn More
Dr. Zunkeler provides expert neurosurgical testimony, usually after having conducted a record review or an IME, in litigated cases on behalf of plaintiffs or defendants.Learn More
Dr. Zunkeler gives seminars and lectures and provides one-to-one teaching for nurse case managers, insurance professionals, and legal professionals. Topics include healthcare communication, professionalism, neurosurgical ethics, and surgical and non-surgical treatment of the cervical (lumbar) spine, etc.Learn More
In some cases, the surgical and non-surgical management of patients can be complex. Dr. Zunkeler provides nurse case managers with the option of an in-depth discussion of the treatment options, limitations of treatment, and expected end points of treatment for their more challenging spine and neurosurgical cases. Learn More
Dr. Zunkeler is often asked to specifically address the issue of causation in neurosurgical or spine cases.Learn More
In select cases, after special arrangements have been made and with the understanding that no treatment will be provided, Dr. Zunkeler provides case review services to patients and their families. Dr. Zunkeler does not bill health insurances for these non-treatment services. Learn More
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