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This site provides information about Dr. Zunkeler’s neurosurgical practice in Baltimore.

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Patient Portal

Please visit our Patient Portal to securely access some of your protected health information, change an appointment time on line, e-mail us securely, take care of your copay etc..  We will close this portal on 07/31/12.

What we do

Dr. Zunkeler, a neurosurgeon, treats patients with problems that involve the spine, brain, or peripheral nerves. The method of treatment is not always surgical. Patients are evaluated, and possible treatment options are discussed with the patients and their families. The possible treatment for a condition may include non-surgical and surgical options. CT-guided spinal steroid injections are performed by Dr. Zunkeler for some patients to treat symptoms non-surgically.

Patient visits

This web site provides information for new patients as well as information for patients who come to the office for follow-up visits.

Non-treatment visits

If you were asked to see Dr. Zunkeler for an independent medical evaluation (IME), you can use this site for preparation. If you are an insurance, case-management, or legal professional, you may find some information at this site also.  If you are a legal or insurance professional and wish to schedule time for a client or for yourself with Dr. Zunkeler, please follow this link to schedule time now.  All schedule requests are subject to confirmation by our staff.

Topics in neurosurgery

Listed under the “Topics” tab are some blog-style contributions on neurosurgical topics that may interest you. You can also access the different posts in magazine style under the “Home” pulldown menu above. Please contribute your comment regarding any of the materials presented.

Useful Links

You may find some of the linked resources in the margins of these web pages useful. We have provided links to some health-related news feeds, physician provider directories, guides regarding “Advanced Directives,” a Maryland State site regarding driver’s license issues, exercise, and other topics that may interest you.

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