Manage Cases

If you are a nurse case manager working for an insurance company or an attorney representing a patient with complex neurosurgical issues, you may find it difficult, depending on the actual case, to decide which diagnostic and treatment options exist for your insured or client from a neurosurgical standpoint. The recommendations of the treating physicians who are involved in a case may leave you with questions and you may want to discuss the case with someone, who is not involved in the treatment interactions.


Dr. Zunkeler is familiar with the review of challenging neurosurgical cases and is used to expressing his opinions regarding the clinical management of patients. Dr. Zunkeler may also be able to provide insight as to whether or not an endpoint of treatment has been reached, which diagnostic tests may be advisable and whether there are reasonable treatment alternatives.

What should you expect from a case management session?

A case management meeting can be a cost effective forum in which one or several neurosurgical cases can be discussed. A written brief summary of the case conference can be provided to client upon request. A review of medical records and diagnostic imaging studies in a given case is necessary to provide useful opinions to case managers. A list of questions which the case manager or the insurance or legal professional would like to address is helpful and should be provided ahead of time with any medical records and diagnostic studies, including imaging, that need to be reviewed ahead of the case management conference.

What are the potential shortcomings of a case management conference?

A case management meeting is primarily a review and communication tool between case manager(s) and subject matter expert(s). While a case management conference can be a cost-effective and immensely helpful format in which to discuss diagnostic findings, treatment options and other case-related issues based upon the available medical records and objective test results, a case conference cannot replace the depth of insight sometimes provided by an IME report, since the meeting primarily relies on the notes and findings of other providers and on the results of diagnostic testing.

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