Patient Services

Dr. Zunkeler sees patients in his private office on the GBMC campus in Baltimore/Towson for neurosurgical consultations, which includes diagnosis and treatment.

Patient visits are by appointment only. We do not see walk-ins. If you or your family believe that you have a medical emergency, do not call the office but call 911 or present to the nearest Emergency Department.

Communication and quality of care:

For better communication of test results and other clinical documents, we provide our patients access to an online Patient portal (free of charge). Once a patient has made an appointment and if we have an accurate cell phone or e-mail on file, an automated reminder is sent out before the appointment. We understand that patients sometimes need to change their appointment. We ask that patients change their appointments at least 24 hours in advance to avoid a late/no-show fee ($50). Dr. Zunkeler is committed to providing high-quality consultative care to his patients. In order to improve the quality of care, Dr. Zunkeler likes to communicate with the patient's primary care provider (PCP) and, when needed, other care providers on the health care team. During the consultation process, Dr. Zunkeler and staff may access certain data about patients, including their insurance and prior prescription information. In some cases, we search additional databases to improve the quality of care (i.e. radiology provider online imaging archives, CRISP, etc.).

Neurosurgical care philosophy:

Whenever possible, nonoperative and less invasive treatments are preferable operations or other invasive procedures. In some cases, surgery is medically necessary and has a better chance of success than a nonoperative course. For the majority of patients that a neurosurgeon sees in his or her daily practice, a non-operative approach is the better treatment option.

Second opinions:

In patients who have already seen another neurosurgeon or orthopedic spine surgeon and who are considering the option of surgery, Dr. Zunkeler will review the existing imaging studies and the other surgeon's recommendations and provide a second opinion regarding surgical and non-surgical options.In some cases, patients have already undergone neurosurgical or orthopedic spine surgical procedures and are in the, sometimes lengthy, process of recovering from those procedures. Patients are sometimes frustrated about the gap between their expectations going into a surgery and the actual outcomes of their operative procedures. Sometimes patients are interested in another neurosurgeon's opinion about their progress after surgery and about the availability of other treatment options available to them.

Please note:

If you previously saw Dr. Zunkeler as a patient at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, at another DoD medical treatment facility or a Veterans Administration Medical Venter and wish to arrange a follow-up visit, we are sorry to inform you that Dr. Zunkeler's DoD contract employment has ended and that he will not be able to see you at this time. Instead, please kindly contact the WRNMMC Bethesda nurse case manager at (310) 400-1354 to schedule an appointment with another medical provider at a DoD or VAMC medical treatment facility at your convenience. Dr. Zunkeler does not currently participate in the Tricare or the Veterans Choice programs through his private practice. At some point in the future, we may add those health insurers.

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