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Maintaining Ability and Function

Here are some articles that you may find helpful.

Pediatric neurosurgery

Children's health problems, including neurosurgical issues, are often different from those of adults. Although neurosurgical training guidelines require trainees to become very familiar with those problems, most neurosurgeons focus on problems that mostly affect adults. Some neurosurgeons add a 1-year fellowship in pediatric neurosurgery to their residency experience. Pediatric neurosurgeons are often [...]

Cervical spinal stenosis

“Stenosis” means narrowing. Cervical stenosis usually refers to a narrowing of the spinal canal, which is a heart-shaped hollow space in the center of the vertebral ring shown in the drawing from the 19th century Gray's Anatomy textbook (see: Gray, Henry; Carter, Henry Vandyke (1858), Anatomy Descriptive and Surgical, London: John W. Parker [...]

Food for thought

Does what I eat affect my health? The answer is "yes;" some of us might add "duh." When it comes to what makes us sick, anyone who ever had food poisoning, ate too much ice cream, or drank too much alcohol would agree. However, when it comes to what is good [...]

Tailbone Pain – Coccygodynia

The term coccygodynia describes a painful sensation in the area of the tailbone (coccyx). This is a condition, which is relatively uncommon in men in the absence of trauma. The condition is more common in women, possibly due to the greater prominence of the coccyx in women. The term “coccygodynia” describes only a [...]


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